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Get dents out for good

Have you been meaning to get that dent in your car sorted for a while now? While it may not be causing any risk to the performance of your vehicle safety-wise, dents and dings do decrease the value of your car - not to mention niggle away at your nerves!


Whether you've had a minor collision with a bollard or been the victim of a particularly heavy hail storm, you can rely on Alloy Wheel Repairs to get your vehicle completely dent-free in no time!


Paintless dent removal - how does it work?

As the name suggests, paintless dent removal (or PDR) involves pushing the dents out of the car from underneath the body panel, without the need for any paintwork repair. Experienced technicians, like us, should be able to remove the dent without causing any cracks or chips in the paint - leaving you with a smooth, glossy finish. If the damage is too severe for PDR then our experts can use more intensive techniques to get the job done.

Extra £££ when selling your car

Think about it; would you buy a car with a football-sized dent in it? No. Get your dents sorted before selling to increase the value of your vehicle.

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Here at Alloy Wheel Repairs, we're constantly updating our tools and methods to give you the most proficient service possible!

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Dents in cars don't last long with Alloy Wheel Repairs

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